The Day Before Yesterday - a tour of Britain in 1985

This book was extracted from a giant tome by JMW of events, domestic and international, that occurred in the year 1985. The travel bits were incorporated in the book, The Day before Yesterday, now available as a paperback at £5.99 from Amazon, or as a Kindle/iPad download for £2.88; indeed you can read 10% of the contents free by accessing the website.

This was a 1985 world before the London Eye, the Angel of the North and the soccer Premiership. But it was not a gentler world as some might think; it was every bit as competitive and argumentative as the world we inhabit in 2016. What was significantly different was the cost of living. Beer prices, as well as property prices, were then ludicrously low compared to the ridiculous imposts of today.

Just see what Britain looked like in 1985 to discover what we have lost over the past 30 years. And revel in accounts of strange antics in a remote Midlands village pub, the cheapest beer in the land (49p a pint, yes FORTY-NINE PENCE) and domestic chit-chat in the fells of Cumbria. All human life in 1985 is there…