Square-up to the 2012 Carlinalympics

By JMW and Susanna Ferrar, 2012

Well ahead of the most successful ever Olympic Games, JMW devised a subtle play on the logo for his London 2012 garden party. Instead of the familiar five coloured rings which denote the Olympics the world over, he had the idea of craftily changing the logo into five squares still following the colour scheme of the rings. Susanna Ferrar turned the crude concept into reality. It was then scanned to become a computer artwork, though JMW had difficulty in marrying the illustration to the words, a coy reference to the place the barbecue would be taking place half a dozen miles from the Stratford Olympic Stadium and just days before the Games began. In stepped Helen Baker, the computer guru, and she made everything work. The corrupted logo then went out on the top of the party invitation to the friends invited to the event. Some thought the description and logo were a work of genius - well, at least City slicker Vince Thompson did and the artist took him to be speaking on behalf of his many brothers.
   The joke was that there was only one prize at the Carlinalympics, a gold-coloured beer bottle cap awarded to the last drinker standing and the winner was none other than the perpetrator of the design himself.
   Essentially, this is a computer artwork, although a few paper copies were printed off by Ms Ferrar on her printer at Stoke Newington. Perhaps it was as well that the image had such a small circulation because the organisers of the London 2012 Olympics were notorious in chasing down anyone that they considered to be infringing the copyright of their logo, even small operators like the JMW Art Foundation (another fancy concept yet to be created).